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Be An
5 Days Onsite Training Camp
Suitable For Investors
Wish To Make Informed Decisions In Stock Market Investment
Catch The Latest Market Trends
and Corporate insights
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Master & Strategize
For Upcoming Trends
Master the trends
Identify Traits Of Growth Stocks
Keep Track on Latest Corp. Info
Insights & Stock Market Movements
Priority List To Listed Company
Plant Visit
24/7 Insights
Real Time Listed Company Tracking
16 Case Studies
Finding Growth Stocks
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16 Case Studies
Of Growth Stocks
Find Growth Stocks
Core Strength Of Value Investing
Keep up with global trends
Master The Latest Trending Industries
Embracing Global Economics
Analysing Stock From A CEO’s Perspective
5 Stars Reviews From Our Students
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Your Confidence
In Making Investment Decision!
EquitiesTracker Holdings Berhad
The first publicly listed company on Bursa Malaysia Securities that provides investment research platforms & training courses
We Are Experienced
Over 46 Years Of Training Experience
Successful Value Investor
Trained more than 50,000 Investors
VIDS Course
Value Investing Decoding Strategy

Value Investing Decoding Strategy

VIDS Course

Follow The Latest Market Trends

VIDS will provide you with insights into the stock market behaviour and awareness on thematic trends. Uncover clues from the published quarterly reports of potential growth stocks from the perspective of a CEO. Be Ahead of The Game with VIDS!

🎯 16 case studies
🎯 Discover the art of stock selling – Maximise the return of growth stocks
🎯 Keep up to the global trend, capture the next wave of trending thematic industries
🎯 Warrants: Capitalising on the possible returns
🎯 Onsite 5 days VIDS Course

Keep Up With Stock Market Trends

The course also includes 5 days of practical courses

🔥 Hands on experienced gurus from various business backgrounds
🔥 Full guidance with professional analysts & trainers during the classes
🔥 Industry experts & like-minded investors all in one room

Take The Lead! Invest With An Upper Hand!

Have you ever experienced these?

🤷‍♂️ Stock price soars after you sell?
🤷‍♂️ Why the stocks you have bought, are not tradable now?
🤷‍♂️ Frequently struggling and not profiting from full growth potentials?
🤷‍♂️ Frequently missing out on potential growth opportunities?

There are 4 types of investors in the stock market:

1️⃣ Little knowledge – information is not comprehensive, and understanding is not thorough
2️⃣ Unaware – do not know the survival law of the stock market
3️⃣ Hindsight – understanding the changes in the stock market and the company only after the event
💎 Foresight – Be the first to grasp the opportunities and take action!

How to advance from the first three categories to become the smarter investors who have the foresight and grasp the opportunities?

You Need An Investing Model

Be an informed investor and improve your investment return in a very comprehensive way.

16 Case Studies


Master the Trending industry


Keep Up With Global Trends


Hands On Experienced Gurus From Various Business Backgrounds


Utilise Professional Investment Tools


Latest Stock Market Insights


Focus On Growth Stocks


Latest Trending Thematic Market Trends

Reverse psychology

Invest like a Fund Manager
Analyse stocks from CEO’s perspective
Decipher Institutional Fund Movements
Maximise returns with reverse psychology

Veteran Mindset

Guru with over 40 years of management and investment experience
Survived 6 Bear Markets & Counting
Decipher 16 Practical Case Study

Growth Potentials

Targeting Growth Stocks
Stable Investments
Withstandable Through Time
Right Way Of Investing

Trainers Profile


Senior Executive Director of ETH.03021

🔹 40 years of industrial management experience
🔹 Former CEO of a Chinese Division, MNC
🔹 Former ED of SZSE QJMOTOR.000913 (M&A and Listing activities)
🔹 Key Opinion Leader In Financial Industry

Boh Boon Chiang

Chair / Business Coach

🔹 Trainer, EquitiesTracker [ETH.03021]
🔹 Coach, Vistage (Rookie Chair Award 2021)
🔹 Ex Deputy CEO of Khind Holdings Berhad [KHIND.7062]
🔹 Independent Non-Executive Director of iCapital.Biz Berhad
🔹 MBA holder from University of Bath
🔹 Professionally Qualified Accountant of ACCA and member of MIA with more than 30 years of commercial experience in various sectors including taxation, construction, manufacturing and education.

Spot the next trend and master the win rate!

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Here’s What Our Graduates Think

Check out what our students have to say

Savage Kingdom
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VIDS Graduate (2021)
Lim Jie How
Savage Kingdom
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VIDS Graduate (2022)
Alvin Ngu
Savage Kingdom
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VIDS Graduate (2023)
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VIDS Graduate (2021)
Sanice Chan
Planet Earth II
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VIDS Graduate (2019)
Lai Ying Yi
Extreme Weather: Trailer
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VIDS Graduate (2019)
Lim Aik Jin

About EquitiesTracker

EquitiesTracker is a data driven investment education platform with proven track record & integrity. We are the first publicly listed company on Bursa Malaysia Securities that provides investment research platforms & training courses. Our Gurus have more than 10 years of investment experience and have trained more than 50,000 successful value investors.

Data driven value investment approach

Backed by our proprietary world-class research platform.

Trusted by students

The affirmation provided by the students is the best proof!

Perfect learning and education ecosystem

Our exclusive data platform & education ecosystem allows you to learn and operate stock trading

EquitiesTracker has held thousands of training sessions

Trained more than 50,000 successful investors

Trained more than 50,000 successful investors

Held over 1,000 seminars and training camps

Founded over 46 years

The only listed investment academy in Malaysia

Feel free to contact us using the link below

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Value Investing Decoding Strategy course?

VIDS course is the must have course for professional value investors in Malaysia. This 5-days course will train you on how to gain corporate insights from a CEO’s point-of-view and identify traits of potential companies with Live Case Studies in trending industries.

What is included in Value Investing Decoding Strategy?

VIDS courses are meticulously designed and arranged by professional value investors, combined with simplified investing concepts from EquitiesTracker to help you understand the survival law in the stock market. In addition, this course includes sharings by experts from various industries, so that you can understand the mindset of people in various industries and gain the latest information through the process of learning.

Who is Value Investing Decoding Strategy suitable for?

Suitable for investors who have passion in investing and are willing to learn.

How do I participate in VIDS?

The annual VIDS course is a 5-days physical course and is divided into 2 parts (3 days + 2 days), which will be held at the headquarters of EquitiesTrackers, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

What is the cost of Value Investing Decoding Strategy?

Your Investment to join VIDS Course is RM8,995, the course can be retaken anytime in the future for VIDS graduates.

Who can I contact for further enquiries?
You can contact us using the Contact Helper in the bottom left corner of this page. You can also contact us via:

To keep abreast of any updates, do follow EquitiesTracker Facebook Page.

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